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Virvatuli Lighting Design Co.'s design services are always customized to fit the specific project's parameters, schedule and budget. We are committed to outstanding customer service and communication with the design team, the client and the contractors throughout the project. Our recent projects include new construction and renovation projects ranging from commercial office buildings, service and hospitality spaces to religious spaces and spiritual retreats to restaurants, retail stores and multi and single family residences. We also have extensive experience working on both commercial and residential outdoor lighting projects.


We always plan for sustainability in our design projects. We are well versed in the International Energy Conservation Codes, latest LEED, Ashrae Standards 90.1 and 189.1 and their planned revisions, as well as in the different Colorado lighting ordinances and codes to meet the required energy efficiency standards for each project. In addition to offering full lighting design and documentation services our capabilities include providing energy calculations and documentation required by municipalities as well as LEED required lighting calculations and documentation.


Our goal is to provide quality lighting designs that reinforce the building's character and increase the occupants comfort. Virvatuli Lighting Design Co.'s approach blends innovative and responsible lighting design with the mechanics of fixture location, light distribution, intensity, energy consumption, maintenance factors and control. In our design we emphasize the aesthetic considerations of perceived brightness, color, comfort and glare factors, focus and direction, utilization and control of day lighting in the space and the day/night transition of the environment.


We are committed to providing the highest level of client satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that the lighting design enhances the environment both architecturally and for the user, and that the lighting is appropriately integrated into the building framework.


VIRVA KOKKONEN NILSON IALD, MFA Lighting Design, Owner PrincipalVIRVA KOKKONEN NILSON IALD, MFA Lighting Design, Owner PrincipalVirva Kokkonen Nilson is the Principal of Virvatuli Lighting Design Co. She has over twenty six years of experience in architectural and lighting design.
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